TFR Technologies Selects KDF 954NTX with ERPP Option for Uniform, Repeatable Thin Film Deposition


KDF today announced that TFR Technologies, Inc. has placed an order for a KDF 954NTX in-line sputtering system with an enhanced rotating planetary pallet (ERPP) option. This is the first order of a KDF system ever placed by TFR Technologies.

TFR selected the KDF tool after an extensive evaluation of physical vapor deposition (PVD) solutions, which concluded that the KDF 954NTX with an ERPP option provided the best combination of performance, yield and throughput to suit the company’s needs for miniature high performance frequency control device manufacturing.

“KDF is very pleased to announce that TFR Technologies has joined our global customer base,” said Kurt Flechsig, KDF president. “By choosing the KDF 954NTX, TFR Technologies validates the superiority of our technology for uniform, stable deposition of thin films in resonator manufacturing.”

The expansion of thin film device capabilities is driving the need for better uniformity and higher repeatability for thin film deposition. Using KDF’s proprietary ERPP in conjunction with the standard linear scanning mode on the KDF 954NTX provides excellent uniformity and repeatability, enabling the production of complex multi-layer dielectric coats such as mirrors and filters in a highly repeatable and uniform manner.

“TFR is looking forward to the KDF sputtering unit enabling higher volume production by increasing throughput across a wide range of depositions,” said Shane Leiphart, Senior Process Engineer, TFR Technologies, Inc. “It is expected that this tool will meet the company’s requirement for overall thin film performance well into the future.”

The 954NTX is a four-target in-line sputtering tool for front- and backside deposition. The tool, which is optimized for compound semiconductor processing applications, features a low cost of ownership, and enables high utilization and throughput. Like all KDF 900 Series tools, the 954NTX offers users the capability of a production tool with the process flexibility typically found in an R&D system. The 900 Series exceeds requirements for deposition of thin films in application critical devices and other applications requiring the absolute in uniformity.

The KDF 954NTX is one of KDF’s popular X Series products. It features the latest KDF cathode designs, which have been lengthened to 17 inches, offering improved uniformity over the entire pallet. X Series cathodes are also available in both Planar and Inset cathode form.

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TFR Technologies Selects KDF 954NTX with ERPP Option for Uniform, Repeatable Thin Film Deposition