Raytheon Orders 943NT In-Line Sputtering System From KDF


KDF today announced that the Electronic Systems business of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has ordered a 943NT in-line sputtering tool for use in its El Segundo, California facility. Electronic Systems, which is a world leader in the development and deployment of key defense programs, will use the 943NT in the manufacture of its advanced technology products. This order from Electronic Systems marks the first new tool that Raytheon has purchased from KDF.

Raytheon has been a KDF customer since 1988, and has previously purchased remanufactured equipment from KDF and batch products from MRC, which KDF acquired from Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) in 1998.

“In order to maintain our position as a global leader in advanced defense programs, it is imperative that our processing equipment provides us with the strongest technology platform possible. We already have an established process with the installed MRC 943 tool, and this new KDF in-line sputtering system will allow us to modernize the equipment without sacrificing process, reliability or cost effectiveness,” said Howard Ito, Principal Engineer of Raytheon’s Electronic Systems business.

Electronic Systems will primarily use the 943NT for thin film hybrid circuitry. This circuitry is subsequently utilized by the company in the development and production of a number of defense programs, including radars and sensors for ground-based, airborne, and space-based systems.

“As Electronic Systems moves to replace its current equipment, our 943NT provided the most seamless and efficient platform for this transition. Electronic Systems is already familiar with our technology, and the 943NT will continue to enable it to produce the most advanced circuits for its defense programs,” said Kurt Flechsig, president of KDF.

The 943NT is part of KDF’s 900 Series of physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems, all of which feature in-line sputter-down capabilities. Popular for their pure metal target deposition and convenient wafer-to-pallet loading abilities, the 900 Series tools can be configured with an optional high vacuum loadlock and three or four target positions. High-rate DC magnetron sputtering and single- or multiple-pass deposition features support the versatility and high-throughput of this production equipment. Cathode and substrate orientation are horizontal, allowing gentle substrate fixturing for users.

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About KDF
KDF Electronic & Vacuum Services, Inc., produces batch in-line sputtering tools in a wide variety of R&D and production formats for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat-panel display markets. KDF systems are used in the production of semiconductors, photomasks, telecommunications networks, wireless circuits, gallium arsenide (GaAs), high density interconnect, sensors, optoelectronics, flat panel display and radio frequency power devices. KDF is located in Rockleigh, New Jersey, and has representatives in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea.
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Electronic Systems, which is Raytheon Company’s largest business, is a world leader in the development and production of advanced defense electronics, missiles, ground-based and airborne radars, naval and maritime electronics, and space systems. Electronic Systems comprises six business units: Air Combat and Strike Systems and Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems, both headquartered in El Segundo, Calif.; Tactical Systems, headquartered in Dallas, Texas; Air/Missile Defense Systems, headquartered in Bedford, Mass.; Naval & Maritime Integrated Systems, headquartered in Portsmouth, R.I.; and, Missile Systems, headquartered in Tucson, Ariz.
With headquarters in Lexington, Mass., Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) is a global technology leader in defense, government and commercial electronics, and business and special mission aircraft.
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Raytheon Orders 943NT In-Line Sputtering System From KDF