Obsolete Operating Systems

You have been identified in our equipment database as being a KDF “T”, “GT”, “NT” or early “i” sputter system owner who is still using either the obsolete Brooks Techware controller and/or the obsolete MKS 146 gauge package.

Most recently Microsoft has announced as well that its support of the Windows XP operating system has ceased, leaving owners of such vulnerable to both malicious and damaging interruptions. The KDF equipment still using these items can now be 30yrs.old. In regards to the Techware controllers Brooks support both from themselves and through their designated second and third parties ended almost 15 yrs. ago. Replacement hardware availability is now non-existent.

MKS had also announced many years back the end of the popular 146 vacuum gauge controller, due to component obsolescence. MKS support for the gauges which was limited to stock of these obsolete components ended this year. (The 146 was used extensively on GT and NT systems) To that extent KDF has developed and produced a 146-gauge replacement package that is available to customers who are already running on the KDF “i” controller platform or to customers needing the full upgrade. The package includes the MKS series of “Smart” gauging coupled with a VAT throttling gate valve. T and GT system owners already face additional obsolescence with the SX and MKS 287 & 290 controllers as well as NT users who are now also experiencing PC hardware obsolescence. Once upgraded to the “i” series the system can be further enhanced with options and upgrades to improve reliability and performance. Some of the available upgrades include a CPU, Windows 7 replacement kit, a load lock linear positional transducer, zeta scan velocity profiling controller, enhanced power supplies and new load lock heat pallet temperature measurement and control feature utilizing an optical sensor.

Customers that have already upgraded to the KDF “i” controller have insured themselves against further component obsolescence and unplanned down time. All upgraded systems operate on the same platform as the new KDF “i” systems (Windows 7) thus insuring years of compatibility and ongoing enhancements. All upgraded systems now have on line system available remote help from KDF.

For GT and NT system owners the system can be upgraded in the field typically within a week thus minimizing system down time and bringing your upgraded system back on line quickly. “T” systems typically take longer based upon the system’s configuration and are returned to the factory for full blown upgrading and reconditioning. In the past 10 yrs. KDF has successfully upgraded numerous systems both in the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Rim. All upgrades include KDF’s ESP online Internet support Webex) See individual cut sheets for system type upgrade pricing.

Prudently planning a conversion now to the updated platform will minimize a lengthy unplanned tool down situation. (12-16 weeks)

As always please don’t hesitate to contact KDF for a quote or for any other of your service or system needs.

Jac P Gnirrep
Director of Customer Satisfaction

Obsolete Operating Systems