KDF Releases its Newest Version of the Field Proven LMM Cathodes


LMM™ Patented Device Full Face Erosion Cathode

The LMM or Linear Moving Magnetron was a leap forward in the production environment for Compound Semiconductor market place, allowing greater run times and improved films for reactive process’s.
KDF has just released its newest version of the field proven LMM cathodes , this latest generation cathode now offers a lateral motion magnet pac that increases the the overall utilization to approx 60%. This recently engineered improvement allows for longer run times between target changes and aids in the decrease to target poisoning during long fully reactive runs. This new revision cathode will be Patent Pending as well , securing KDF position as a leader in cathode design technologies. By creating this new Pivotal end turn around method , burn through at corners has been significantly reduced and there by extending the usable target life for Full Face Erosion cathode.

Currently this cathode is only available for KDF tool sets thereby enabling KDF end users to benefit from this extraordinary cathode. Customers that are interested in this cathode should contact KDF to discuss their technical needs, KDF can also run customer demo’s in a Process Lab Tools.

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KDF Releases its Newest Version of the Field Proven LMM Cathodes