After two years of development and testing KDF is pleased to announce the release of the G-12 full-face erosion cathode, The G 12 will be exclusively featured in our Ci Cluster tool system line up.

This new design round cathode utilizes a proprietary hi-strength close coupled magnet assembly which allows the cathode to be perfectly suited for today’s more demanding applications such as compound semiconductor apps and unique Oxide depositions. The variable speed controlled motor driven magnet pack will run at speeds that allow materials to be put down at varying rates, yet able to maintain excellent uniformity over an eight inch substrate. This Patent Pending design further strengthens KDF’s position in critical film technologies. Preliminary testing has indicated that basic metal uniformity of > 2% is easily achieved. This cathode coupled with KDF’s Ci cluster tool, with counter rotating anode stage will enable uniformities of less then 1% wafer to wafer. With over 23 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise KDF is ready to offer another World Class Product.

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About KDF
KDF Electronic & Vacuum Services, Inc., produces batch in-line sputtering tools in a wide variety of R&D and production formats for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat-panel display markets. KDF systems are used in the production of semiconductors, photomasks, telecommunications networks, wireless circuits, gallium arsenide (GaAs), high density interconnect, sensors, optoelectronics, flat panel display and radio frequency power devices. KDF is located in Rockleigh, New Jersey, and has representatives in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea.
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KDF Announces the Release of the G-12 Full-Face Erosion Cathode