KDF Announces the Release of its New Improved Pallet Assist Tool, PAT


KDF is pleased to announce the release of its new Pallet Assist Tool, PAT. Because of the ever-increasing substrate and pallet sizes in today’s market, KDF recognized the need for a device that would allow the operators safe and efficient handling of these larger pallets. This device will aid workers with heavy lifting and unloading of pallets from an oversized pallet delivery service. After much field and vendor investigating for similar products on the market (critical placement and clean room compatible), KDF tasked upon its engineering staff to design and manufacture a pallet handling tool to aid in the loading and unloading of pallets into the Load lock chamber of its 744i and 844i systems. The KDF designed manipulator can safely handle 100 lb payload pallets for both loading and unloading in a precise and controlled fashion.

The tool is also integrated and interlocked for operator and system safety. Although originally designed for large glass substrates the tool can also stream line smaller substrates and wafer pallet loading as well. The pallets can be loaded in a vertical or horizontal position and can be rotated a full 180 degrees. Combined with the use of a shrinkfast 998 heat gun, this makes shrink wrapping the substrates onto the pallets an easy process.

The positioning can also accommodate transfer to a customers transport cart by varying the horizontal placement height. The PAT device allows for simple smooth handling utilizing controlled stepped detents riding on linear rail bearings along with twin pneumatically assisted gas cylinders that virtually eliminate any type of operator lifting of heavy payloads. The PAT helps to speed up and insure safe placements of sensitive substrates onto the pallet, thereby increasing Fab productivity and minimizing any substrate damage or breakage due to excessive handling.

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KDF Announces the Release of its New Improved Pallet Assist Tool, PAT