KDF Announces the new i series System Controls Platform


After years of testing and evaluation, KDF has introduced the new i series controller, replacing the Brooks Automation Controller with new technology. This control system has been designed to be retofitable, allowing an easy upgrade path for previous KDF models (“T “, “GT”, and “NT”). Although some older systems may require additional hardware upgrades to maintain compatibility with current and future system enhancements, doing so will bring these field proven systems to an even higher level of performance and reliability.

This i series platform is based on a distributed Rockwell Automation Control System utilizing Devicenet and Ethernet I/P fieldbus technologies. These interfaces dramatically reduce the need for point to point wiring allowing for greatly increased reliability, easier troubleshooting, and a higher level of system integration reducing system part count (and spare part inventory). Easy system upgrade is accomplished with the use of flash memory.

Windows XP Pro industrialized computer using the latest Intel Pentium Processor technology, Large Hard disk drive (80 mb or better) for local recipe and data log storage, and an advanced graphics controller.

Real-time GUI Environment, coupled with a SAW Touch screen and 19″ LCD monitor.Surface Acoustic Wave touch screen technology guarantees virtually 100% optical transmission, and is not affected by the use of gloves.

Context sensitive, multi-step (up to 200 steps / recipe) recipe manager is compatible with Microsoft Access database. Recipe storage is limited only by hard drive space (additional recipes can be stored on network drive). Any lost data that you may experience concerning your hard drive can be restored through places like DriveSavers, to ensure that you can make the most out of this new technology.

Fully integrated package for real-time data display, data logging is fully compatible with Excel, Lotus and other windows applications, report generation, remote interface and printing. Secure remote diagnostics and software support available over the Internet (high speed connection required) with local firewall and anti-virus protection.

OPC server interface allows SECS/GEM communication package (optional) and other applications to connect to a common database of machine I/O and system level data such as Datalogs, recipes, RGA data, etc.

Maintenance test suite with full diagnostic and manual process control capability, along with a host of other macro sub routine programs.

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KDF Announces the new i series System Controls Platform