KDF 744NT Batch Sputtering System Installed for Research at Arizona State University


KDF today announced that the Flexible Display Center (FDC) at Arizona State University has purchased a KDF 744NT batch sputtering system for use in flexible display research. The 744NT, installed in May, was among the first physical vapor deposition systems installed and optimized for use in advanced display technology research at the FDC.

In 2004, the U.S. Army awarded Arizona State a $43.7 million, five-year cooperative agreement to establish the FDC for the development of small, lightweight, portable display/information devices that are small enough to roll up and carry or wear. These devices will improve communication between soldiers, allowing them to share information about troop positions, movements, weather and other important variables. New developments are expected to yield new commercial applications for these devices.

“Acquisition of the KDF tool increases FDC GEN II capabilities tremendously with exceptional value. KDF offers exceptional engineering support and customer service,” said Shawn O’Rourke, Flexible Display Center Director of Operations.

“KDF is very pleased that the 744NT batch sputtering system will be playing a key role in the development of this important new technology,” said Kurt Flechsig, KDF president. “The research done at the Flexible Research Center has the potential to yield great benefits, not only for military use, but for consumer electronics and medical device applications as well.”

The 744NT is a large area, four-target, batch sputtering system, designed for processing high-density interconnect, 200 mm semiconductor wafers, flat panel displays and other applications. The 744NT is equipped with a high-vacuum loadlock configured with a substrate pre-heat that enables the tool’s high throughput. The 744NT offers a pallet area of 19 x 19 inches with a compact footprint that uses less than one-third the floorspace of competing equipment. The tool can hold four 200 mm wafers or multiple smaller wafers and features two processing pallets, allowing an instantaneous change of wafer sizes and the ability to process both the front and back sides of wafers.

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The Flexible Display Center (FDC) at Arizona State University (ASU) is a university/industry/government collaborative venture designed to advance full color flexible display technology and flexible display manufacturing to the brink of commercialization.
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KDF 744NT Batch Sputtering System Installed for Research at Arizona State University