Sputter Products

KDF is committed to delivering quality products

We offer the most advanced and reliable physical vapor deposition batch in-line sputtering tools at the industry’s lowest cost of ownership. KDF systems can be customized to meet the customer’s needs and cover a wide variety of process requirements for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat panel display markets. The complete line of KDF equipment has been redesigned and improved to meet today’s critical applications.

Please select one of our Sputter Products below:

KDF In-line Products 654


600 Series

654, 603, 643, 654
Side Sputter A
Low Particulate System
High Rate Reactive processes
13 x 13 pallet area

KDF In-line Products 744


744i Series

Gen 2 capable
4 Target RF/DC System
Production System
19 x 19 inch pallet area

KDF In-line Products 844


844i Series

Gen 3.5 capable
26 ½ x 30 inch pallet area
High production system
Side sputter application

KDF In-line Products 900 Series


900 Series

954, 903, 943, 974
12 x 12 to 20 x 20 pallet area
4 target system
RF/DC capable targets
Planetary pallet for uniformity better than one half percent

KDF Electronics Opus C to C


Opus C to C

This cassette to cassette option allows full automated wafer loading into our 600, 700 and 800 tools


KDF Electronics Cluster Ci Tool


Cluster Ci Tool

Four and Eight Sided Systems
100-200mm wafers
Wafer carrier for odd sizes
Hi Rate moving magnetrons (G12)
Degas RF Etch, RIE, MIE
Along with ion mill
PVD uniformity below 2%

KDF Sputter Products Cluster CiM


Cluster CiM

The all new standalone CiM [ Cluster individual Modules] are a new offering from KDF. These modules can be purchased as Sputter[single or multi cathode] , Etch or degas modules , with single wafer manual load or automated cassette loading. KDF can produce custom modules to meet specific customer requirements All modules have the capability to connect up to a KDF central handler for future expansion.