Honeywell Places Follow-On Order for 943NT Sputtering System with KDF


Aerospace business will use tool for commercial satellite applications and guidance systems
KDF today announced that Honeywell International (NYSE: HON) has placed a follow-on order for a 943NT in-line sputtering system. This follow-on order provides production-proven validation for KDF’s 943NT system in aerospace applications, and highlights KDF’s ability to respond to commercial and government contractors’ manufacturing needs with extensive customer support.

A KDF customer since 2001, Honeywell installed its first 943NT system at its Minneapolis facility in June 2001. The current order for Honeywell’s second 943NT system was installed at the same facility in January 2003 and will be used to produce ring laser gyroscopes for Honeywell’s aerospace business.

“Over the past year and a half, Honeywell has developed an established process with KDF’s 943NT tool,” said Kurt Flechsig, president of KDF. “We are proud to renew and strengthen our relationship with Honeywell and help them to further realize success.”

With sputter down capability and easy substrate loading, the 943NT is ideally suited for ring laser gyroscope production because it delivers a repeatable, high-throughput process for producing uniform films. Popular for their pure metal target deposition and convenient wafer to pallet loading abilities, the 900 Series systems can be configured with an optional high vacuum loadlock and three or four target positions.

High-rate DC magnetron sputtering and single- or multiple-pass deposition features support the versatility and high-throughput of these production systems. The 900 series systems can be used in the semiconductor, telecommunications, aerospace and a growing list of other technology markets because they can be tailored to meet specific processing needs.

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Honeywell Places Follow-On Order for 943NT Sputtering System with KDF