Fupo Electronics Purchases KDF’s 844NT Batch Sputtering System for High-Volume Wafer Bumping Manufacturing


KDF today announced that Taiwan-based FuPo Electronics Corporation, a turnkey service provider for liquid crystal display (LCD) integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers, purchased KDF’s 844NT batch sputtering system for use in high-volume wafer bumping production. FuPo’s purchase signals a growing acceptance of KDF’s sputtering systems in Taiwan.

Wafer bumping is an important stage during assembly that generates interconnects between the chip and substrate, and KDF’s systems provide the maximum speed and functionality for this process.
“We chose the KDF 844NT for its proven high throughput and performance, as well as its ability to modify wafer size without production delays,” said N.T. Huang, President of FuPo Electronics. “This enables us to better meet the changing requirements of the merchant wafer bumping foundry environment.”

KDF’s 844NT tool will be delivered to FuPo Electronics ready to accept a robotic-load process called OPUS which allows the customer to upgrade easily to a complete cassette-to-cassette operation. The combination of the 844NT and OPUS creates the fastest wafer-size changeover time in the industry using just software and quick-check calibration.

“KDF is very pleased that our new customer, FuPo Electronics, will use the 844NT during the essential wafer bumping step,” said Kurt Flechsig, KDF president. “The grouping of our OPUS robotic technology and the 844NT’s superior execution will provide FuPo Electronics with excellent results.”

The 844NT is designed to process high-density interconnect, 300 mm semiconductor wafers and flat panel displays through its four-target, batch-sputtering system. The 844NT offers a pallet area of 26.5 x 26.5 inches with a compact footprint that uses less than one-third the floor space of competing equipment. Due to its size the 844NT system is an extremely cost effective way of running batches of small to large wafers or substrates.

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About KDF
KDF Electronic & Vacuum Services, Inc., produces batch in-line sputtering tools in a wide variety of R&D and production formats for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat-panel display markets. KDF systems are used in the production of semiconductors, photomasks, telecommunications networks, wireless circuits, gallium arsenide (GaAs), high density interconnect, sensors, optoelectronics, flat panel display and radio frequency power devices. KDF is located in Rockleigh, New Jersey, and has representatives in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea.
About Fupo Electronics Corporation
Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, FuPo Electronics provides it customers with one-stop turnkey services for LCD driver IC. FuPo’s in-house capabilities include wafer bumping, circuit probing, chip tray packing (for COG application), final testing (for transmission control protocol application) and other applications. As a result of these services, FuPo offers its customers shorter cycle time from bump to final test, along with integrated engineering resources for troubleshooting. www.fupo.com.tw
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Fupo Electronics Purchases KDF’s 844NT Batch Sputtering System for High-Volume Wafer Bumping Manufacturing