End of Life

KDF acquired the MRC batch product line in 1986 and to that extent we have been supporting and maintaining those customers whose chose to continue with this product line for the last thirty plus years.

The support consisted not only of service, repairs and part sales but also selling factory reconditioned MRC tools which KDF supported and kept under warranty. KDF also maintained a vast inventory of spare parts to support this generation of equipment as well as a working service support system on the factory floor.

For those customers that were MRC users over the years many have migrated to the KDF line which allowed for a seamless transition of enhanced compatibility and familiarity both in vertical and horizontal sputtering. For those customers who have migrated to the family of KDF sputtering systems KDF ‘s roadmap and policy of “no tool left behind” has allowed for them to upgrade their systems over the years as the technologies and components utilized in the tools has evolved or gone obsolete.

For MRC users the end of life for these tools has approached the event horizon.

One of the benefits of crossing over is that it allows for the customer to take advantage of KDF’s complete applications lab that can assist you with transferring process requirements from MRC to KDF and can be done prior to delivery of your new equipment thus insuring minimum start up time.

By migrating to the KDF line of tools many consumable parts that you may have significant inventories of may be able to be utilized on the equipment such as cathodes, targets and shied sets. This alone offers a cost advantage over another competitor’s tool.

Trade in credit is also available for certain MRC systems. Contact Todd in Sales for more information. Todd@kdf.com 201-784- 5005.

Prudently planning a conversion or trading in your old tool now to the KDF equipment line will minimize a lengthy unplanned tool down situation.

As always please don’t hesitate to contact KDF for a quote or for any other of your service or system needs.

Jac P Gnirrep
Director of Customer Satisfaction

End of Life