Written by Kurt Flechsig



DC Magnetron sputtering is a means to achieve higher rates of sputtering over that of diode operation.

KDF offers various cathode designs ranging from sputtering dielectrics, metals and magnetic materials. We have a cathode design that will fit any of your requirements.

Our cathode designs not only take into consideration the sputter rate, but also the utilization and film uniformity as well.

The KDF family of cathodes are of Linear design and span various sizes, starting from 5 x 15 inch, 5 x 17 inch, 5 x 24.5 inch and finally our largest 5 x 30.5 inch cathode.

All of our designs are lab and field proven with thousands of cathodes sold throughout the world. Today’s magnet packs can be comprised of AlNiCo 5, SmCo and NdFe B depending on the application and design of the cathode.

KDF uses all of these types of magnets to create the most productive ionized plasma for a reliable sputter source . When these cathodes are used in KDF inline sputtering systems you can be assured of the best possible outcome of your sputtering job.

DC Sputtering Cathode Design