KDF Services

KDF offers global support to a global installed base.

KDF maintains 2 support locations strategically placed within the US. Thus insuring maximum response time to your part and service needs. By utilizing factory trained international reps in Europe and the Asian area KDF maintains a worldwide global presence. Our technical support staff includes engineering as well as process. We maintain a complete customer history database, tracking customer problems and services, which help us to identify and offer proactive solutions to reoccurring customer specific issues.

Expert technical staff

At no charge KDF expert technical staff is always available from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm 5 days a week to answer your questions and offer solutions to all your KDF/MRC equipment questions.

Support 24/7

Technical support 24/7 is also available on request. To help you with your thin film needs KDF offers a process development service. We maintain a fully comprehensive applications lab with an abundance of target materials with multiple system and option types. KDF maintains a complete drawing and documentation file of over 165,000 original MRC drawings including unique job level prints thus insuring that we can most accurately service your original MRC system.

KDF Service Phone Numbers

KDF U.S. service numbers

Call us today with your original MRC job number and let us help you.

Hotline for Direct Service 1-877- KDF EDGE (533-3343)