Preowned & Remanufactured Products

MRC new 2017 is now KDF Legacy products have beeen
integrated into the KDF product line
KDF the Original Batch "OEM"
is now KDF Legacy products have beeen
integrated into the KDF product line
KDF the Original Batch "OEM"

KDF makes every effort to support not only our KDF systems but our original MRC equipment customers however the MRC systems are at End Of Life and customers should plan accordingly.

For our MRC system customers burdened with their obsolete components KDF offers limited assembly and component replacement kits, in house repair services (based on limited part availability), and experienced field engineers for on-site service support.

For those looking to update this equipment KDF also offers trade in credit for your old MRC tool which can be used when purchasing a new or rebuilt tool.

For owners of early KDF T / GT / NT / i / ix systems KDF offers a full line of upgrade kits which keeps your tools current to the technology and operating systems used today.

Visit our upgrade kit web page for full details and/ or request a quote for your specific tool.
KDF currently has preowned systems available which can be purchased at a significantly reduced price vs a brand new system. Since inventory changes contact KDF Sales for our current system listing of factory refurbished MRC and KDF equipment.

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744i Series

The KDF 744i Series is a large area, four-target, batch sputtering system, designed for processing high- density interconnect, 200 mm semiconductor wafers, OLED and flat panel displays. The tool was developed to meet increasing customer demand for higher throughput with larger substrates.
744i Series

  • Vertical side sputtering system
  • 19” x 19” pallet size
  • Compact footprint that uses less than one third of the space required for competing equipment
  • High-vacuum loadlock with quartz heater lamps for efficient degassing of substrates
  • Capacity to process up to four 200 mm wafers or multiple smaller wafers at once

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  • Throughput for 200 mm wafer metallurgy is increased four times over that of a 600i Series system
  • Glass sizes up to Gen 2
  • Optional integrated RGA for process and fault monitoring of gas peaks along with integrated hi vac step
  • New in situ pallet optical measurement hardware with integrated software allowing operators to program and control actual pallet temperature

MRC 943

  • Down sputter system
  • Fully automated controlled system
  • Recipe storage
  • Hi Vac & Heat Load Lock with CTI pump
  • CTI Cryo pumped main chamber
  • 10 KW DC supply
  • MRC 1.5 KW RF power supply
  • RF etch
  • Three RF/DC Planer cathodes
  • Consult factory for price and other options

Have questions? Contact KDF about Pre-Owned Products.