Original OEM Parts

There are three major categories for parts:

– Consumables

– Replacement Parts

– Electrical

KDF has parts available for these models:

Limited MRC
8667, 8671, 822

KDF 900 Series
KDF 700 Series

KDF 600 Series
KDF 800 Series



Shields, o-rings, bearings, heat lamps, magnets (for all cathode types), pallets (custom or standard), ion tubes and TC’s.

Replacement Parts

Cathodes INSET™ – Upsilon, Mu, Chi, and Focest cathodes*. Also Planar, Mark II, Magterial™, “X-series”™, & Q-Set. Bellows, garlock seals, feed throughs (ferro fluidic), pallet carriers, shutter carriages and plates, RF networks, solenoids, relays, cryo pumps, compressors grippers, gate valves, hydraulic – pumps, manifolds, valves and cylinders, air packages, grippers, valves, etch platforms, etch hoist assemblies, stainless steel roughing lines and view ports.

* These patented cathodes are sole property of KDF. KDF owns all rights and intellectual property associated with these cathodes.


Printed circuit boards, RF generators, flow control valves, gas flow controllers, power supplies (RF and DC), computer boards and I/O cards, analog racks and pressure gauges.

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