Opus Robotic C2C Loading System

Next Level in System Integration

KDF now has available for all 600 series, 744 and 844i systems an added level of system automation and cleanliness.

Opus Robot C to C
The KDF robotic load option allows for system fabs to now more fully integrate their processes. The robotic loader utilizes a clean room 6-axis robot. The handler can easily accommodate 100mm thru 300 mm wafer sizes as well as a multitude of unique substrate shapes and sizes. Throughput for 150 mm wafers on a standard 600 series pallet with a 1 micron Al deposition is >35 WPH. For other system and substrate sizes please consult factory for through put numbers.

Precise handling is accommodated thru a unique wafer-positioning algorithm ensuring accurate and repeatable handling. The robot is enclosed in its own class 100 clean mini environment for enhanced particle reduction.


The design can be utilized as a stand-alone or in a thru the wall installation. The design also allows for servicing the load lock area without undocking the robot. The robotic loader comes with a roll around human interface terminal making system maintenance more convenient.

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