KDF In-line Spare Parts Kits

KDF has developed recommended spare part kits:

These kits enable your maintenance department to minimize downtime for preventive maintenance and enable production to suffer a minimum of downtime due to not having the right part at the right time. These kits are machine generic and can be modified to reflect your individual need, and carry with them a significant discount if purchased as a kit versus individual parts.

Kits for KDF/MRC 600 and 900 as well as kits for KDF 700 and 800 systems include:

  • Spare shield set
  • Spare PC Boards
  • Spare Chambers parts
  • Spare Vacuum parts
  • Spare heats parts
  • Hardware kits
  • Custom Pallets
  • Spare Scan parts
  • Comprehensive Recommended Spares
KDF In-line Spare Parts Kits

In addition to the various kits KDF also offers a wide variety (several hundred) of pallets, with materials ranging from Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Titanium. for use in MRC/KDF systems.

KDF also offers a “swap” generator program which will enable you to continue running while your generator is out for repair. We can ship you a replacement generator same day as requested for you to use until yours is repaired.

Have questions? Contact KDF about In-line Spare Parts.