900i Horizontal Batch-Sputtering System

The 900i Series features dual load lock, in-line, sputter down, batch systems configured with an optional high vacuum load lock and three or four target positions.


High-rate DC magnetron sputtering, single pass or multiple pass deposition and dual-level high vacuum pumped load lock features support the versatility and high-throughput of these production systems. Cathode and wafer orientation are horizontal, allowing the sputtered material to be transferred vertically.
KDF 900 Series -dual load lock, in-line, sputtering system - KDF
The 900i series systems are extremely versatile and can be used in countless applications where unique size, shape, or substrate height is a concern. The 954i and 974i systems with the tall dome option can accommodate substrate heights up to 2 inches. The 974i systems have the capacity to process up to one Gen 2.5 substrate on a pallet [20 x 20 inches] and the 974i systems throughput of 200mm wafer metallurgy is increased four times over that of the rest of the 900i series systems.


The 900i Series systems are popular for their pure metal target deposition and convenient wafer-to-pallet loading abilities. The 900i series includes the 903i, 943i, 943ix, 954i, 954ix and the 974i. The 954i, 954ix and the 974i offer up to four-target capability. The ix series systems offer an extended sputter area for increased process uniformity utilizing KDF’s “X-series” cathodes. The ix series also supports KDF’s new LMM cathode along with other cathodes designed by our in house cathode design team. All 900i series systems can also be enhanced with KDF’s proprietary ERPP and scan velocity profiling.

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5 Pallet Stacker Option

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