Thin Film Coating Services

KDF Thin Films Service and Process Development

KDF is now providing a new Thin Film coatings service to help speed up the feasibility and startup of our customer projects in a production-like environment. This includes our 2,000 sq. ft. lab filled with KDF sputtering tools and metrological equipment.

This will include many new Sputtering applications that have recently been re-evolved with today’s technology gains.

With over 35 years of providing quality PVD equipment, KDF is now offering the benefits of our sputtering expertise in the form of thin film depositions for our customers. We offer standard process coatings for a host of substrates and sizes, with metal and dielectric sputtering technologies along with reactive sputtered films. KDF has the experience and expertise to tailor your sputtering needs and requirements into reality with fully controlled processes and can achieve exceptional uniformities up to sub 1% depending on your application and budget. All of our work is done in KDF production equipment so that the customer can always gear up themselves after a process is proven out, or after the customer has the requirement to bring it into their facility.

In addition to standard metals and dielectrics, Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO’s) utilizing materials like ITO and ZnO are one of many types of deposition we can do. If you require R&D efforts for a new project or a min production-like setup, KDF will work with you and put a plan together that will suit your needs.

Typical Modes

DC Magnetron sputtering with KDF Inset[tm] Cathodes
DC and Reactive sputtering with KDF LMM [tm and patented design] moving magnetron cathode.

*HIPIMs sputtering for highly ionized sputtering deposition and ideal for via fill and hard coatings RF Diode sputtering of dielectrics.

RF magnetron sputtering for dielectric sputtering at increased rates over diode sputtering.

Long -Throw sputtering for common lift off process replication and for culminated sputtering requirements.

RF pre-clean steps for surface conditioning.

HEAT steps of pre or post heat steps of deposited films , up to 400 degree’s C.
  • HIPIMs power supplies are not always available, and projects must be fully scheduled in advance.

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