Process Materials

KDF develops thin film material processes and product enhancements to increase yields, surface conditions, and target utilization while lowering the material cost of ownership.

KDF has a group of skilled engineers and scientists who have a vast knowledge of the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process and the tools currently used in today’s market place. KDF has the talents and tools to deposit and characterize, with high precision, various films ranging in thickness from a few angstroms to hundreds of microns. The R&D team at KDF has a diversified experience in all areas of thin film engineering, devices, process development and characterization, and process integration.

KDF offers a full range of sputtering targets & related services, target bonding and backing plates required for PVD applications. Materials range from metallic and non-metallic to cermats and ceramics.

Utilizing a variety of sputtered and evaporated techniques, KDF offers target bonding to backing plates, enabling bonded assemblies to withstand a broad range of operating temperatures and parameters.

KDF supplies backing plates in the traditional materials (Stainless Steel, and Copper backing plates) along with a wide variety of materials for unique applications.
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