KDF Upgrade Kits

Techware Replacement Kits

  • Techware replacement kit for T systems

    Replaces obsolete Techware computer along with DC and RF power supplies, scan motor, vacuum and pressure measuring devices, along with complete cable kit.

KDF Upgrade Kit

  • Techware replacement kit for GT systems

    Replaces obsolete Techware computer along with support components

  • Techware replacement kit for NT systems

    Replaces obsolete Techware computer and NT PC along with support components

  • System upgrade kit for i / ix systems

    Upgrades the Windows 7 based control computer to Windows 10 based control computer

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Linear Transducer

  • Load lock linear transducer replacement kit

    Replaces mechanical switches and hydraulic cylinder with an integrated linear transducer increases the accuracy of the L/L exchange positions as well as creating a more limited fail safe for a lost position.

KDF Upgrade Kits

  • MKS 146 gauge replacement kit

    Replaces obsolete 146 gauges with MKS Smart 999 and 925 along with a VAT throttling gate valve for more precise position and pressure controlling.

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