Cluster CiM Tool

KDF stand-alone Cluster Module General Overview “CiM”

Chamber features

30 liter Aluminum chamber utilizing the following components and features. Chamber features include easy out full coverage SS shielding, plasma viewport with rotatable plasma shield. Chamber allows for optional water cooling channels for process specific processes as well as a chamber bake out feature for faster outgassing and pump downs. Automatic pneumatically cylinder driven top plate lift for chamber and target maintenance.

Ci for Cluster KDF Electronics

Vacuum stack

Includes a VAT throttling gate valve for precise positioning in both upstream and downstream control modes. Hivac pumping is achieved with a CTI8F cryo pump with an HMI integrated temperature readout. Vacuum monitoring is handled with MKS Quattro “Smart”999 and 925 multi function gauges. Standard gas delivery system includes MKS G series 200 sccm MFC coupled with an MKS 627B heated manometer.

Wafer / substrate handling

Aluminum load lock substrate wafer transport chamber utilizing Pfeifer turbo pump for fast hi vacuum levels. A magnetic manipulator is utilized for transferring the substrate/wafer into the main process chamber. Water cooled SS wafer pedestal with outside edge lift and ability to float or ground the substrate. Pedestal vertical motion allows for operator setting of and changing Cathode anode spacing. Pedestal interchangeable for handling up to 200mm wafers.


KDF’s proprietary G-10 or G-12 rotating magnetron circular cathode. DC or RF operation. Water cooled cathode adapter, and automatic shutter allowing for target clean and pre-sput without substrate contamination. Advanced Energy 10kw DC Pinnacle plus pulsed sputtering standard.


KDF PLC i controller utilizing Rockwell automation PLC control system with Ethernet field bus communication. Industrial PC running Windows 10 for application graphics. Full HMI interface with keyboard and touchscreen interface. Recipe menu driven software for automated process along with full maintenance utility features including Auto pump, vent, regeneration, degas and leak back.


The KDF CiM can be fitted with the following standard option

  • RF sputter with Advanced Energy 3kw power supply and autotune matching network.
  • Additional gas channels for reactive sputtering
  • Rotating (operator selectable) lift pedestal for improved uniformities.
  • Heated pedestal
  • RF bias using Advanced Energy 600w RF supply coupled to CEX phase signal technology
  • Cassette to Cassette operation

Have questions? Contact KDF about the Cluster CiM.