Benefits of Buying New From KDF

KDF is the MRC OEM, so anything you purchase from us is made to original specifications, or has been re-engineered and improved.

KDF has over 165 thousand MRC drawings in our engineering data-base and related files. KDF also utilizes the latest version of Solid Works software for all of our engineering design stations. All KDF systems are fully documented and sustained by our in-house engineering staff.

KDF has totally re-designed and introduced over ten new systems types, all of which are based on a common platform for all of our tools.

KDF is the ONLY provider of NEW inline systems and we continue to improve and enrich our systems performance.

KDF offers Robot loaded C to C tools.

KDF core competence is designing and improving our cathodes, we have cathode configurations that meet every need of PVD requirements [Patented LMM cathode]. The pirates supply whatever used cathode parts they can, and in some cases they attempt to copy a design, only to have very poor results.

KDF provides turnkey system’s these systems are process pre-qualified at our factory prior to shipment.

KDF has a full metrology center along with fully functional KDF PVD tools for process development including a tool SEM.

KDF employs a full time staff of engineers and scientists that continue to design new tools as well as engineer retrofits for our older tools.

KDF systems are built with all new parts, unlike the Pirates who use whatever parts they can in order to spend as little funds as possible. This includes power supplies, controllers and instrumentation that usually don’t have warranties, or are outdated items, and even obsolete components.

Software is another core competence that we take great pride in. Our in-house engineers design and maintain the living product of software that goes into all of our products. KDF’s latest iSeries computerized PLC package moves us to the front line of system automation. This Rockwell Automation PLC package is the best PLC product for semiconductor equipment on the market today. KDF has designed this new package so it is also retrofitable to all of our older KDF tools. Once again KDF leaves no tools behind.

KDF only uses fully licensed control software so there are no concerns with software theft on the market.

Unlike our competitors who work on just about anything that can get, KDF specializes only on our own tools, which includes the older MRC legacy products we purchased over two decades ago. KDF has been providing sputtering tools for over 35 years, and has over six hundred man-years of experience with these products.

KDF has hundreds of new systems in the field, and they all have satisfied customers operating them. KDF systems meet or exceed many industry standards such as UL, CE and Semi S2-0200.

KDF operates our total business under the auspices of a documented MIL spec, thus insuring our customers get the highest level of quality available in all areas.

KDF’s 35 thousand square foot manufacturing facility is a modern fully equipped site that can support up to 12 powered up systems at once, our 2 million dollar inventory allows us to ship out most orders the same day. [new parts]


Pirates promise everything but we have yet to find a satisfied customer after the sale is complete, make sure you compare the purchase before you make a commitment.

The used market systems tagged new or remanufactured or generally false claims since so many shorts cuts are taken and the integrity compromised. KDF is the only one who can produce these systems new. Many of these rebuilders have gone out of business only to reemerge under a new name , while others have formal complaints against them. When ever you buy from one of these no value added suppliers you chip away at the foundation of the OEM that actually engineered them. When you purchase a system from a re-builder you are getting a one off system which means the documentation and overall support for the tool one of kind or none of that kind.


Sometimes but not always KDF is more expensive then these Pirate rebuilders, but the old adage is you get what you pay for rings loud and clear. If you cannot afford to buy your tool twice, then it is important to make the right decision first.


All new KDF systems come with FULL documentation with detailed drawings and assembly drawings that have exploded parts list and illustrates how the assembly goes together. The Pirates offer Xerox copies of out-dated MRC prints that most often don’t even represent what you purchased.

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