The 744i is a large area, four-target, RF / DC batch-sputtering system, designed for processing high-density interconnect, 200mm semiconductor wafers and flat panel displays.

The 744i will accommodate glass sizes up to Gen 2. The 744i is equipped with a high-vacuum load lock configured with a substrate pre-heat that enables the tool’s high throughput. The 744i offers a pallet area of 19 x 19 inches with a compact footprint that uses less than one-third the floor space of competing equipment. The tool can hold four 200mm wafers or multiple smaller wafers and features two processing pallets, allowing an instantaneous change of wafer sizes and the ability to process both the front and backsides of wafers.

inline sputtering equipment 744i series KDF Electronics

The 744i system can also be enhanced with scan velocity profiling. Like the smaller systems the 744i uses the same variety of KDF engineered cathodes, including the Magterial for Nickel deposition. The 744i system meets the Semiconductor S2-0706 safety spec as part of the standard system package, a CE option for the European community is available. Pulsed DC sputtering up to 20kw via Advanced Energy Pinnacle Plus is also available. The 744i system has remote PC accessibility allowing for software upgrades & file repair via an Internet Ethernet connection. Full documentation is standard and is available on std. paper, clean room paper or an electronic CD version. For those applications that require an extra level of cleanliness or handling the Robotic option is available.

744i system highlights

  • Broad Spectrum Research Tools
  • Large Area Production Tools [Gen 2]
  • Custom System Designs
  • In House Full Metrology For Process Development
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership with Superior Uptime
  • R&D and Production Custom Cluster Tools

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