The 600i Series features dual load lock, in-line, RF / DC side sputtering batch systems.

They are configured with an optional high vacuum load lock and three or four target positions and have a 13 x 13-inch pallet size. (unique pallet designs available).
inline sputtering equipment 600 series kdf electronics

Particularly popular

The 600i Series systems are particularly popular for sensitive applications requiring target material that produces unusually high particulate contamination.

The 600i Series includes the 603i, 643i, 654i, and 654ix. The ix series systems offer an extended sputter area to increase process uniformity utilizing KDF’s “X-series”™ cathodes. The ix series also supports KDF’s new LMM™ cathode along with other cathodes designed by our in house cathode design team.


Both the 654i and the 654ix offer four-target versatility. All 600i series systems can also be enhanced with scan velocity profiling. The 600i series systems all meet the Semiconductor S2-0706 safety spec as part of the standard system package, a CE option for the European community is available. Pulsed DC sputtering via Advanced Energy Pinnacle Plus is also available.

All 600i series system have remote PC accessibility allowing for software upgrades & file repair via an Internet Ethernet connection. Full documentation is standard and is available on std. paper, clean room paper or an electronic CD version. For those applications that require an extra level of cleanliness or handling the Robotic option is available.

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600i Series:

603i, 643i, 643ix, 654i and 654ix

The 600i Series is targeted towards sensitive applications using both standard materials and those that produce particulate contamination. The tools in this family surpass the criteria for deposition of thin films in high-density devices and other applications requiring absolutely minimal defects

  • Vertical side sputtering systems
  •  13” x 13” pallet size
  • Small footprint
  • Dual-process loadlock
  • Optional Robot designed for particulate-free, reliable cassette to cassette substrate handling operations
  • Multiple bias types enable denser films and planarization
  • The multi-size capability enables rapid change from one substrate to another; substrate size can be changed run to run (pallet based)
  • Optional integrated RGA for process and fault monitoring of gas peaks along with integrated hivac step • New in situ pallet optical measurement hardware with integrated software allowing operators to program and control actual pallet temperature



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